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REDUX PATCH Perfect Body

FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER 50 €. SAVE 5.90 €! PRODUCTS WILL BE SHIPPED WITHIN 48/72 HOURS. DETAILS Collistar Research has revolutionized body treatments by creating a super-high-tech shock-treatment patch to help reshape the abdomen and hips. When applied to the skin, this unique transdermal patch treatment gradually releases its active ingredients for an intense, targeted action which lasts a whole 8 hours. Created in association with a team of Korean patch technology experts, every last detail of the product has been designed for supreme efficacy, comfort and practicality. Efficacy. The patch has a 360° effect on the skin thanks to a perfect combination of Caffeine and Garcinia Cambogia, known for their exceptional lipolytic and draining properties, plus Ginkgo Biloba extract to tone, firm and combat free radicals. The effects are boosted by a super- tested thermo-active ingredient which stimulates the microcirculation. The formula is enhanced by the patch’s osmotic, sealing effect, helping it penetrate deep-down and ensuring it lasts for 8 hours. Practicality and comfort. Made from an extra-soft, ultra-comfor table material, the patch goes on in an instant and adheres perfectly to the body with a ‘second skin’ effect, making it invisible under even the tightest clothes. It can be worn both day or night during normal everyday activities.

Redux patch perfect body son unos parches remodeladores y reafirmantes de glúteos, muslos y brazos. Gracias a su tecnología de liberación controlada, los parches Redux patch permiten una liberación localizada y constante […]